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My name is Selena Lovett. I have been a Natural Therapist and Acupuncturist for many years now.  I have been including the Stipers in my treatments for some time now and have been extremely impressed with them.  Especially as now I have been able to expand my practise.  Due to me being able to do acupuncture without needles I have been able to treat clients that previously didn't want treatment, they really needed,  as they were scared of needles.   I have now been able to treat young children and even babies. This has also been really rewarding as I have found many children these days are suffering with emotional problems, that with acupuncture protocols and stiper have really helped them.  I also offer to my clients Facial Cosmetic  Acupuncture and there are several points on the face and around the mouth that are quite painful so now I have been able to use both facial needles and Stipers to improve the results of my treatment.

Stiper have been in Spain since 1996, but unfortunately up until now no one had translated the information and exported them.   So now - here they are!!  I hope the product and the therapy has the same success that it has had in Spain and spanish speaking countries.


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