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Facial Rejuvenation Course

This fabulous and easy treatment works wonders!  Instantly improving your face making you look radiant!            

This treatment visibly relaxes your face, releases tensions, tightens your face, lifts hooded eyes and improves sagginess around the jaw line and reduces wrinkles.  

Stiper facial works energetically throughout the body it is also able to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. This result is achieved through the placement of the Stipers which help improve the circulation and help the body rejuvenate at a deep level.    

There is a free instruction sheet - mini course  - explaining and showing the Facial Acupuncture points that you can use on yourself or to treat your clients. I have personally achieved great results with my clients using this treatment.

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This picture shows before the stiper application and 30 minutes after 

Thermographic image. One the 1st image you can see darker areas due to lack of circulation - image 2 taken 30 minutes after Stiper application shows a great improvement in circulation - thus increasing blood and oxygen supply - improving skin tone and vitality.

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