Stipers are used to balance the body's energy, they are small crystallised pellets that are placed on acupuncture or painful points to treat pain quickly and effectively and to harmonise emotional issues. When treating with quartz crystals we are working with systems that feed, nurture and repair the cellular levels.

Stipers effectively treat all kinds of imbalances - chronic pain, easing pain immediately and their ongoing action will then gradually improve the chronic condition.  Stipers also treat emotional issues - depression, stress, worry,  insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, aid weight loss, water retention, menstrual problems,  asthma, vertigo and migraines. Use by following acupuncture protocols developed by experienced Acupuncturists (taught on the online certified course)

Introducing the Stiper


 To be able to feel the heart beat of the Stiper -

First of all, rub your hands together to stimulate the palm chakra. Then, place a Stiper in the center of the palm. Breathe deeply three times, while relaxing the muscles and concentrating your attention on the Stiper. Within a few minutes, you will begin to notice a slight tickle or sensation of heat. Each person will notice the vibration of the Stiper in their own way. What you are feeling is your own energy which the Stiper is amplifying, balancing and returning to you, thus starting the connection to the Stiper.

The Stiper works in 2 fields the energetic and the physical.

The physical action: It achieves an anti- inflammatory effect on points that are painful to the touch by increasing the flow of  blood, oxygen and nutrients. For the same reason, an affected area regenerates faster when a Stiper is applied. Another benefit, when treating pain by applying the Stiper on acupuncture points, is the release of  endorphins which modify the painful perception in the spinal cord, the midbrain, the thalamus and the cerebral cortex, achieving an analgesic effect.

Energetic level: Crystal Quartz has a powerful effect on unbalanced energy patterns that could be the underlying cause of  many ailments. It works with the systems that feed, cure and repair the cellular and molecular levels of  the human body. The Stiper absorbs the body’s erratic and confused energy The Stiper returns the energy amplified and regulated. That is characteristic of the Stiper being a bio-resonator of the universal waves. 


Place the Stiper on the skin in selected points or zones and secure them with small strips of adhesive tape.  They can be left in place until there is an improvement in the condition of pain, disease, stagnation or blockage of energy.There are two ways to use the Stiper


Standard:  Leave the Stiper from 30 to 45 minutes on chakras, acupuncture points or reflex zones.  

Permanent   Stimulation:  Leave the Stiper on from 1 to 6 days, depending on the condition being treated.  For example, for joint pain leave the Stiper on from 2 to 6 days (usually 3 days) and for emotional problems of  anxiety or stress it is best to renew the Stiper every day for 2 to 3 days, depending on the rate of  improvement.  

In stiper therapy Acupuncture protocols and Auricular Therapy points are used but we replace the needles with Stiper or you can use both.  Stiper continuously stimulates and balances the treatment point which improves the rate of healing.  Used with the therapists intention this helps program the clients body to be in a state of balance and healing.  During the treatment you also advise your client to meditate on the point of Stiper and encourage self healing.