Inspiring Interview with Expert Selena Joy Lovett of Stiper Therapy (Acupuncture without Needles)

selena profile

Hi, Selena! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your Company?

I have always been interested in natural therapies and after training to learn massage, reflexology and reiki began my own business offering these service I then studied other therapies mainly acupuncture.  The majority of my clients are women, a lot of them had problems with their young children or their teenagers being depressed or stressed with exams and not sleeping and with younger children with ADHD and other emotional problems that I knew acupuncture would help, but there was no way the children young or teenagers wanted to be treated with needles!!!  So I was lucky to discover Stipers which allows acupuncture to be available for everyone.

So, what is Stiper Therapy?

It is a therapy that is easy to learn as you follow acupuncture formulas for all types of physical and emotional imbalances.  The Stipers are small crystallized silicon discs (quartz) that are used to heal the body through the transmission of their vibrational charge, they have a special crystal clear structure and are bio-resonators of external qi.  Therefore they rebalance and restore energy quickly and effectively.  You notice the different immediately.

How did it change your life?

Now using stipers in my practise and spreading the word online I really feel like I have made a difference in people’s life’s – which is fantastic – people who buy the stipers write in and thank me as they have found pain relief and those that learn stipers thank me as their practice has improved and they get better results from their treatment and their clients are very happy.   The best time was when I treated a 7-year-old boy who had tics that made his classmates tease him, he wouldn’t sit still in class and could be aggressive.

He was seeing a psychiatrist for help and they were going to medicate him to calm him down so as to improve his behavior. He also wouldn’t sleep at night causing disruption with the whole family. His desperate mother came to see me.   After two sessions his mom called to say he sleeping through the night, the teacher called to say how well he was behaving in class, his tic stopped after several sessions – his life changed and so did his family’s. So I felt so good to have been able to help.  He now doesn’t need to come to see me and he has a packet of stipers which his mother uses now if he needs them.

And what types of conditions does Stiper Therapy treat?

Stipers balance energy so therefore can treat all kinds of imbalances – chronic pain, muscle and joint pain, which they ease immediately and their ongoing action will then gradually improve the chronic condition.  Stipers also treat emotional issues – depression, stress, worry, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, aids weight loss, water retention, menstrual problems, asthma, vertigo, and migraines.

The Stiper balances the energy meridian just like regular acupuncture. The main difference between Stipers and needles are that the Stipers act in an intelligent way, dispersing or toning up when it is necessary.

When treating panic attacks and emotional issues instead of the treatment finishing after counselling session or a holistic treatment – the client also leaves with stipers placed on the appropriate point (which continuously balances the point)  so when they start to feel stressed, upset or feel the start of  a panic attack they can press on the stiper and help activate the energy and breathe into it a few times so it really helps calm them down.

Great and how do stipers work?

Stipers have a crystalline pattern for transmission of energy & information regulation enabling them to:

  • Disperse Excess
  • Tonify Deficiency
  • Absorb Non-harmonized and Erratic Body Energy
  • Balance Body Energy
  • Re-establish Body Energy in a Gradual and Controlled Manner

You can use the Stiper by placing them on painful points or areas, as well as in an intuitive way, as you are working with a special quartz, when applied to the painful area it will work two levels, physical and energetic.

Physical action: Giving more blood, oxygen, and nutrients, therefore, if the area is better oxygenated and nourished, it will be regenerated and therefore it confers an anti-inflammatory action.

Energetic action: The use of quartz and silicon properties are well known in precision instruments, that’s why if we place them in an unbalanced energetic area, it will be balanced and regulated.

And is Stiper Therapy safe for all ages? Are there any limitations on who is eligible for treatment?

From babies onward absolutely no known side effect as it is crystal quartz. It is safe and effective for everyone.

How long does a typical treatment session last? How long should people wait before their next treatment?

A treatment lasts approximately one hour.  After a consultation to ascertain the problems, the stipers are placed on the client’s body following the protocols and there is also a meditation to listen to stimulate self-healing whilst being treated. The stipers can be removed at the end of the session, but normally are left in place for up to 6 days as their rebalancing effect continuously treats the condition that needs balancing –it is like having an ongoing treatment.  Stipers can be used alongside any therapy to compliment it – they can be programmed with information via homeopathy, reiki, bach flowers, or used on painful areas to soothe the pain.  If you are a masseur after the therapy you can then place the stipers on the area so it will be continuously treated but the stiper in between treatments.

You mentioned before the interview that you offer an online certified course. Can you tell us a little about the course?

The course is brilliant it teaches how to follow acupuncture protocols (that I took years to learn!) but these are tried and tested formulas that are really effective.   The course introduces you to Reflex zones, Acupuncture Points, Painful points (As-Shi) chakras.  You also learn key Auricular Therapy points for weight loss and stopping smoking.

The course teaches mainly how to joint and muscles pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,  obesity and water retention, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, worry, hot sweats and menstrual problems,  asthma, vertigo, migraines to name but a few –  all with Acupuncture Protocols

The course teaches many acupuncture points making acupuncture easier to learn as you are learning formulas for certain conditions to help balance the body, as you are using stiper and not needles this makes it safe to learn online.  The main difference between Stipers and needles are that the Stipers act in an intelligent way, dispersing or toning up when it’s necessary.   Another advantage is that the field of action of stiper is bigger, around 5 cm, with needles it is 2mm.  Therefore exact precision on locating the acupuncture point is not so important as when using needles.

There is online support during and after the course so if after qualifying the therapist needs help to treat a client; myself and other acupuncturists are online to help advice with treatments.

What are some of the reactions you’ve had since introducing the online course?

We have only been offering this therapy in English since January 2017 and the response has been amazing we now have distributors and students in Australia, UK Ireland, USA, SE Asia, Russia, Canada and Bangladesh we are having such success with this therapy it’s amazing.

We launched the courses in India in April, the response has been so huge that I will be flying over in Autumn to hold live workshops.

People have loved it and they have been able to offer clients really effective treatments complimenting what therapy they already do.  Acupuncturists have expanded their practices to include children and people with a phobia of needles so it’s very positive.

Do you have a website people can visit? there is a contact page where they can ask me any questions, also found on the website there is a free Stiper Therapy Facial Therapy course and a Free mediation as well as lots of interesting information.